The story we're about to tell you is a story of a company which takes its first steps in 19.. from the grandfather and father, but born on September the 1994, when the director Fabrizio Petronti, after over a decade of experience in the transports business, chooses to start up a brand new company. In its favor the young age, enthusiasm, insight, love for the job. In recent years the sole trader is transformed into joint-stock companies and then into Holding, Ms. Nicoletta Finoli firstly becomes his partner in life and then member of the Group, so begins a great collaboration which never stopped. Today Europet has over 100 employees and a fleet of different types of vehicles, vans, trucks, lorries, tfood ransport tanks. All vehicles are equipped with satellite control to ensure a safe and reliable service to its customers.


Located in Contrada Civitella, 2 Paglieta (CH ), the structure covers a total area of about 82,000 square meters , of which 10,000 square meters are used as warehouse , 25,000 square meters of storage area for vehicles with the use of RFD system and 600 sqm of offices . The warehouse has areas well distributed with shelving and a mezzanine floor , managed by SAP software and RFD technologies . In the outdoor area features an automatic washing system for vehicles , distribution system for fuel, a garage for the maintenance of the vehicles, an automotive park for the management distribution of PEUGEOT- CITROEN utility vehicles throughout the national territory.

Economic Development Strategy

In everyday activities Europet group operates in a sustainable development perspective . We pursue sustainability, whilst fully respecting the environment and the community. A pro-active strategy that develops mainly in three operating points:



To show our professionalism, we have obtained the certification ISO 9001:2008. This is the official declaration of an independent company certified 9176.EROP that the procedures for quality management are constantly being applied by the group Since 2008 Europet is aligned with the new UNI EN ISO 2001:2008 During the renewal, the certification has been extended to the Group, further confirmation that the company continues to devote its attention to the improvement of all areas.

    Europet Trasporti s.r.l.
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