• logisticaThe changes in consumption patterns, the internationalization of markets, the relocation of production, distribution capabilities of outsourcing and the impact of information systems has led to the emergence of the concept of Supply Chain. Today, excellence in management of information and physical flows , is critical to gain market shares. Profiles we have with experts in all segments of the supply chain, having developed skills in sales forecasting, production planning, procurement, distribution control flow. Our experience has led us to serve the logistics outsourcing for clients such as PSA (Peugeot-Citroen Group) Sevel (Fiat), Honda Logistic, Aventine feed and Cantine Spinelli. The Europet manages the logistics outsourcing RFD technologies and systems with SAP.
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    Europet provides a in-house logistics service to their clients, dealing with the organization and management of the warehouses, with the help of technologies and computer systems such as RFD and SAP . Relying on a specialized company has its advantages in terms of cost reduction , optimization of resources and increase in production efficiency .
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    The additioned value that makes EUROPET the ideal partner, is represented by the expertise and preparation that allow you to move without difficulty in every business environment, creating targeted and personalized logistical projects . A team of experts is able to provide a qualified logistics consulting , addressed to identify the most appropriate solution for every situation supporting the companies logistically.
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